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Nature is not as preserved as it used to be. Next generations may not see the world as we now know it to be. What we wanted to do with this project is to draw the attention of young people to the importance of environmental themes. We present the project in a form of a protest by young artists to their parents generation. However, they are still able to stop the process of devastation of the planet.

The project consists of 3 different artistic workshops. 3 workshops + exhibition. Photography, May 28th: It is without a doubt that most of us have already wandered around the city to take pictures, but have you ever done it to search for hidden, glorious damaged nature? Now is your chance to explore Tallinn with green eyes again. Therefore, your best photo will also be a part of an exhibition. So, get your cameras, phones, or anything else that you like, ready and see you in Vabaduse Väljak on May 28.

We are going to look around in a hidden glorious town in Tallinn, both individually or in a group, so charge your phones and cameras. Painting, May 30th: express yourself with a technique you prefer and that represents the damage or surprising nature. After collecting all the materials, we will do an exhibition in Tallinn youth centers, and if possible in some public spaces. Thus, do your best and make the planet listen to your voice. Sculpture, 31th of May: everyone can try to make small animals with different materials. We will do it as well and we will create animal masks that may no longer exist in the future.